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Why College Can Widen the Social Divide


With a college education, the graduate is provided with a lot more opportunities. However, he or she has to pay the tuition and the student loans to get to those opportunities. There are those, however, who just could not get to that first step of getting into college.

Public college has limited offered slots.

Students who cannot afford traditional colleges would have to rely on public institutions. Unfortunately, public universities and colleges can only accept a certain number of students. So, there are still many students who would not be able to get into an affordable college that offers four year courses.

Some students may have to go for associate degrees.

Because associate degrees can be earned more cheaply and at a shorter duration, students who cannot afford four year colleges may have to settle for them. This does not mean that there aren’t also those who chose associate degrees as their first options. However, it is clear that parents of poor students would still want to enroll their children into four year colleges, which are known for their advantages.

Transferring is difficult.

Students who started out college but could no longer afford it had to transfer to other schools. Varying course names will make things harder to transfer, though. So, some students may just drop out completely.
With expensive education and limited public schools slots, students who could not afford the tuition are further set apart from those who could afford to earn degrees. Not only do they have problems affording college but they also won’t be given the opportunities available to wealthier counterparts who were able to graduate.

Why you should be excited about high school.

Ninth-graders just got into high school. That itself should be an achievement and not just be ignored because of advanced college preparation. High school students should enjoy the experience of being in high school. This is the life that they might be talking about for years to come.

Why you should develop and discover their talents first.

During high school, students can still discover talents and skills that they have not tapped yet. They need to develop those because those talents and skills may be pointing them towards their true calling.
Ninth-graders should not have to decide which college to go to yet. Maybe parents could list down possible colleges and degrees offered and know how much tuition cost. Then, they could present those options to their children when it is time for making decisions.