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How to Prepare for College Admission Latest Trends


What can you do to respond to this? Here are some actions that you may take to either improve your chances or to help you more easily whatever decision comes your way.

Know that the competition will be larger.

You will be up against more people. So, you know that it will be a lot harder to get in. Prepare yourself by making sure your grades are up and you have other activities that will make your application stand out. You should also understand that not getting in may not be because your application is mediocre but because there are too many other college applicants.

Have back-up colleges in mind.

Don’t enroll into just one college. This may be your dream college but the more popular it is, the higher the chances will be that you will be going against more applicants and that you will be getting waitlisted or rejected.

Don’t be tempted by other juniors enrolling early.

There will be more juniors thinking that the best thing they could do was to enroll earlier. While this could be very tempting, do not go with this trend. Focus on getting your grades up and taking enrichment classes. Do anything else that could strengthen your application for when the time comes.

It is getting harder to earn a slot at the college of your choice. However, if you are really eager to get into college, you will find one that is best suited for you.

Why You Should Not Plan for College Too Early

Surprisingly enough, some educators have determined the right time to start college-searching is in ninth grade, there are even schools that bring along seventh and eighth graders on campus tours. However, this does not change the fact that some students are just too young to start preparing for college. Here are some points why this is the case:

Ninth-graders are too young to make a major career decision.

Imagine having to decide whether you are going to medical school, law school or whatever other college when you are only fourteen. Is that possible? Well, it is possible to decide. However, ninth-graders end up realizing that their interests lie elsewhere after a few more years.